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California 2nd Amend. Political Discussion & Activism Discuss gun rights activism and 2A related political topics here. All advice given is NOT legal counsel.

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Old 06-25-2005, 3:44 PM
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I hope the members of this forum don't mind but I copied their comments and sent them in a letter to my Assembly member representative because you have said it better than I ever could have and here is a copy of the letter I sent,feel free to copy and send to your representative member:

Dear Assembly member Wolk;

This stupid, obviously anti-gun law (the anti-gunners are trying to pass it off as a pro-law enforcement measure but its obviously anti-gun) is only going to do 3 things:

1 - Raise the price of ammo from the manufacturers who comply
2 - Reduce the number of manufacturers who sell ammo in
California because some of them won't want to bother, making
ammo harder to get by law abiding citizens
3 - Since it takes effect 2 years from now, all of us who have a lot
of ammo on hand are going to have to either sell it and ship it
out of state before July 1, 2007 or are going to have to do a
lot of shooting over the next couple of years

I don't even see what good serial numbers on bullets will do. These serial numbers are going to have to be microscopic to fit on a bullet base and most bullets get so mashed and damaged when they hit their target that forensics investigators will have a hard time finding the damn serial numbers anyway. Also, bad guys will illegally import un-serialized ammo for their needs, so the real criminals won't even be affected. Its just another attempt by the anti-gunners to make gun ownership and more difficult. If they can't do away with guns, they figure they'll just make it as tough as possible to own and enjoy shooting them, one way or another. Makes me sick!
This is the dumbest anti-gun law I've ever heard of, although that other one that's coming up for a vote soon about making all handguns imprint make, model, etc. on each cartridge is also very dumb. What's that going to do. Its like I said earlier, the anti-gunners are just coming up with anything they can think of to make gun ownership and use as difficult as possible. They figure if they "well regulate" us enough, that eventually we'll throw in the towel and give up our guns. I'm here to tell you, it ain't gonna happen! I don't care how regulated it becomes or how many hoops I have to jump through, as long as its possible to own a gun, I'm going to own some!

It’s my understanding that the legislature recently approved SB-357, a new law that would require the serialization of handgun ammunition starting July 2, 2007. This law is nothing more than a rather cynical attempt by those who do not believe that citizens should have the individual right to keep and bear arms, to make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to own and legally use their firearms for sport, recreation and self defense. It will have very little effect on criminal behavior, because as we all know, criminals do not do things in a legal manner. Criminals will simply start illegally importing non-serialized ammunition for black market sale to other criminals.
Only the law abiding citizen will be affected by this measure due to inevitably higher prices of serialized ammunition, as manufacturers pass their increased costs onto the consumer. Also, ammunition will become more difficult to acquire due to the probability that many manufacturers will simply discontinue distributing their products in our state because of the increased manufacturing costs and the associated difficult manufacturing processes which will result. Additionally, those citizens who legally own current non-serialized ammunition will be left with a difficult disposal problem should they be unable to use all of the ammunition which they currently possess, before the law takes effect.
I know that as a member of the Republican Party, you support The Second Amendment of our Great Constitution as an individual right to keep and bear arms. I urge you to continue to use the common sense you’ve aptly displayed since your election and veto this ridiculous legislation.

I am a very concerned as a law abiding citizen of this magestic state and what our "wonderful" (sarcasm) lawmakers are doing to it is about as far as below the belt as any power hungry politician(s) have ever gone to take away my right to protect and defend my family and home. I own firearms and have taught my children how to respect and handle them safely. I urge you to oppose the legislation being brought forth today so law abiding, responsible people will be able to continue to enjoy the liberties that I hold so sacred. If we do not enforce the laws we have currently, I ask, what good does creating more laws do? The criminal will not fill out a firearms registration nor will he/she purchase ammunition from a licensed merchant. More often than not, the firearm and the ammunition a criminal uses will have been who pays the
price? The law abiding citizen. Lets enforce the statutes we currently
have and prosecute those who commit violent crimes with a firearm to the fullest extent, no slap on the hand.....Throw the book at em' and make sure it's an encyclopedia!!! Thank You

The authors of the bill don't really expect's a sham. It's impossible to comply with the law. The manufacturers can't do it, and even if the technology existed and they bothered, it would be a crime to destroy, obliterate, or otherwise render unreadable, the serialization required...which firing the bullet very well might do.

I bet BIG money the exemptions within the bill won't require the bullets of police officers to be serialized. If this is allowed to stand, you can bet this innocuous sounding bill will be the model for similar legislation across country. I agree it's a stupid law and a backdoor attempt to disarm every law abiding citizen of CA .. but not the criminals because they don't care about the law - that's why they are criminals. How much money will it take to enforce this law with the bookkeeping, personnel, etc. etc. etc.

If CA can't even stop those crossing over form Mexico in plain sight, they surely won't stop every vehicle entering the state to search it for ammo. It probably won't cost much in bookkeeping, because I doubt any manufacturer can or will comply. They'll just stop civilian sales to California.

What will happen to the home reloader? Does this make me an outlaw? Basically its just gun control. If it is passed for hand guns, what not to stop them for rifles in california?

If it is passed, there will be so much illegal activities over ammunition that it will open pandoras box! Even law abiding citizens might have to resort to illegal activities ,including me!

I am urging you to vote down this bill for the above reasons and because many of us shooters, hunters, gun enthusiasts have never been to jail, have never committed a crime, are law abiding citizens, are veterans and respectable citizens of this great state of California and demand the respect we have earned as such. Do you think that the criminals register their guns. please don't condone this infringement upon the law abiding citizens of california and many of the voters that granted you your position when we voted for you to represent us in the Assembly.

Sincerely Yours,
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