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Old 10-23-2012, 4:40 AM
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Default Tactical Zombie Shoot Info & Frequently Asked Questions

Next to a stampede of Kardashians, the biggest threat to civilization is an outbreak of. . . ZOMBIES!!! In order to meet that threat and The CRPA are calling for the formation of a joint Zombie Outbreak Response Team (ZORT) for an evening of live fire exercises at Burro Canyon Shooting Park! And you can join ZORT today and be slaughtering Zombies before Thanksgiving. Let's see if Uncle Leo can top that at T-Day dinner!

Slaughtering zombies is hard work, so tangy tasty tacos will be available. You can pre-order your meal tickets so you're sure not to go hungry.

UPDATE!!! - In addition to hunting zombies, ZORT members can practice their camouflage skills by participating in a contest to see who can resemble a real dead undead zombie! We are awarding prize packages for the top three finishers, and we are talking about some really, really cool stuff... plus it keeps getting better! Judges will include recent contestants from the hit reality TV series Top Shot!

UPDATE!!! - While the majority ZORT members are able to stand off the incoming horde at a comfortable distance, the most battle hardened veterans can opt for taking the fight to the zombies. . . hand to head style! Shield Tactical will be leading a squad to venture into the forbidding darkness on our exclusive "Zombie Outbreak Range" which will require not only your best firing discipline, but you'll also have a chance to deploy bayonets and machetes! Take that, and that, and that you filthy undead! (extra fee required)

To harden our resolve in the upcoming fight for survival, several special guests will be at the event to help boost our morale. Also on hand to help blast the undead into really dead dead will be our allies from Turner’s Outdoorsman, PFI Rapid Reticle, PROMAG, and Zombie Industries. Last but not least, there will a BIG SURPRISE at the end before the final zombie onslaught!

You ready to join the elite and oh-so-cool but deadly Zombie Outbreak Response Team? Just click below!


- Absolutely NO intoxicants of any sort allowed. NO alcohol!
- There will be a Safety Briefing before the range goes live.
- When "Cease Fire" is called all firearms must be unloaded with safeties on.
- Anyone going downrange will need to wear a reflective safety vest, no exceptions. These can be purchased at Home Depot & Lowes among other places. EXAMPLE.
- Everyone not going down range must remain behind the shooting line and away from the benches during a cease fire.
- Red glow sticks will be considered a “Cease Fire” indicator.
- For downrange targets use any color other than RED or ORANGE (otherwise the line will never go hot).
- The entire line will remain cold until Range Safety Officer calls “Ready to Fire”

- 3:30p Registration desk opens
- 4:30p Costume Contest
- 5:00p Shooting ranges open
- 5:00p Zombie Outbreak Range opens
- 7:00p Registration desk closes - no new shooters
-10:30p Shooting ranges close
-11:00p Event over – We saved the world

- Bring your own targets. Remember... This is a NIGHT SHOOT and lighting may be intermittent, so take that into account.
- Industrial strength glow sticks (not RED or ORANGE) work real well
- Plastic bottles with a glow stick inside are cool.
- Glow sticks stapled onto targets are pretty slick and do the trick.
- We will follow all Burro Canyon Shooting Park target rules
- If you place something out in one of the Fire Zones ... EXPECT it to be DESTROYED, ANNIHILATED and DECIMATED! It might even be soiled.

- $15 per person Burro range fee
- $9 for Taco Plate (optional - but why wouldn't you?)
- $5 for "Zombie Outbreak Range" (optional)
- $15 for limited edition Tactical Zombie Shoot T-Shirt (optional)
- $5 per target frame purchased from Burro Range (No Refund) -(optional - you may supply your own frames also)

"Sounds fun - where can I preregister?"
Right here Quick & easy!

"Can we get a heads up on the location?"
TZS 2012 has been authorized to operate at "Burro Canyon Shooting Park" in Azusa, CA.

"Is this a family friendly event? In other words, can I bring my kids who would love the opportunity to shoot at night, what is the minimum age?"
Yes, this is a 100% family friendly event! You're the best judge of their maturity and weapon handling skills, but keep in mind that there will low light conditions during much of the event, so you will need to supervise your kids accordingly.

"I have a lot of people interested in going that are new to shooting sports. I wanted to make sure that this event can cater to new shooters, including the Zombie Outbreak Range"
Yes. If they can safely handle a firearm new shooters are welcome at all event activities.

"I see that the Zombie Outbreak Range allows for weapons other than firearms. Are there any limits to this?"
If it's illegal in California, or at Burro Canyon Shooting Park, then it's a NO GO. What did you have in mind?

"Another Zombie Outbreak Range question, are the zombie targets provided? Or do we have to provide our own?"
Zombie simulation targets on the Zombie Outbreak Range will be provided. And yes - they ooze blood!

"One more Zombie Outbreak Range inquiry, your safety rules state that everyone who walks forward of the shooting line must wear a reflective safety vest, does that apply for the Zombie Outbreak Range or is it limited to the regular ranges?"
Reflective safety vests are for the regular ranges. They're not needed on the Zombie Outbreak Range because a Range Safety Officer will be your "wingman" as you work your way down the course - inflicting unspeakable mayhem on the undead.

"Can we rapid fire our .22s?"
Controlled rapid fire only. In other words, if your shots are missing your target and hitting someone elses targets and negatively impacting their fun, you are shooting way too fast.
We won't be sitting back timing your shots, but we will be making sure that you're always in safe control of your firearm and not blasting other people's targets at random due to poor control. That means we also won't tolerate other people shooting at your targets either!

"Can I walk around with a handgun on my waist, holstered and unloaded, or NOT?"
For this event:
1: Shooting from the holster will be allowed as long as is done safely.
2: While on the firing line, unless actively shooting, any holstered weapon must be unloaded, and if the holster allows it, slide locked back. No mag in the gun in either case.
3: No holstered weapons off of the firing line or during cease fires, they must be on the table with actions open. Exceptions: RSOs will be allowed to carry during cease fire (unloaded, empty chamber, no mag in mag-well), but still can't carry away from the firing line.

"How are the range/targets illuminated? floodlights or some other type of lighting?"
The ranges may be illuminated with floodlights. But lighting is iffy, so you are also welcome to bring out your tactical lights, IR, or other night vision aids. Range Safety Officers may limit or otherwise regulate such items at their discretion.

"What about exploding targets?"
Exploding and/or "reactive" targets are not allowed. Metal targets also not allowed in Burro Canyon Shooting Park, although target stands may have metal bases only.
Also, our friends from "Zombie Industries" will be on site and will be selling their excellent Zombie Targets at special reduced rates - cash only please.

"Do we bring long guns or hand guns, tactical or bolt action, etc....or does it not really matter?"
Come on - of course it matters! These are cold blooded zombies, a BB gun ain't gonna cut it. Also, we do live in California, so no grenades, bazookas etc. Other than that all CA legal firearms are allowed. However, keep in mind that it is your responsibility to know ALL of the laws pertaining to you and the firearms you own.

"What do we shoot at/with at these? I'm down!!!"
Just about any ammo will do except "magnetic" ammo, this is because of fire season restrictions. Steel ammo can cause sparks, and sparks can cause fire - so no steel core ammo, and no steel ammo. Likewise no incendiary or tracer ammo.

"I have some ammo, from what I can tell its not attracted to a magnet, but your restrictions do say no bi-metal ammo. Is that particular round acceptable?"
That sounds like a lead core Bi-Metal ammo. "Bi-Metal ammo" is generally is used to describe copper jacket over steel core, and since it would contain steel it is not allowed.

"Is there even such a thing as non-magnetic 7.62X54R that isn't 50 cents or more per cartridge?"
You can get the M30 Heavy Ball Yugo 7.62x54R, 182 grn FMJ(full copper jacketed-lead core, brass cased) with no steel that you can shoot at any range. Prices, of course, can vary. If you do find a great deal, or a group buy, please post the details so we can light that sky up like there's no tomorrow (and there may not be if the zombies get their way).

"I have seen .22 tracers online, are they legal in CA and if so are they allowed at this event?"
Tracer ammunition is illegal in CA and therefore not allowed at this event.

"If we take fruits/vegetables do we need a stand or are they fine on the floor?"
Fruits & vegetables are welcome! On the pistol range produce needs to be 25 yards out, and on the rifle range your produce needs to be at least 50 yards out. Bon appetit!

Continued on following post...

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