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National 2nd Amend. Political & Legal Discussion Discuss national gun rights and 2A related political topics here. All advice given is NOT legal counsel.

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Old 03-22-2018, 1:51 PM
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Default Oregon intitiative to ban possession of Semi Auto rifles / AR-15's

WTF??? And for all you religious types.. this is supposedly sponsored by a interfaith religious group and appears to be a copycat version of the California ban...

Soros or Bloomburg $$$ I am wondering......

A reduction in the availability of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines will promote the public health and safety of the residents of this state, the initiative petition says.

And of course, "Military personnel, law enforcement and members of the government could be exempt from the ban."

Text of the initiative...looks cut and past from California...
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Old 03-22-2018, 1:56 PM
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Libturds disease is spreading everywhere now! Mostly all of it spans from California and ther idiotic views!
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Old 03-22-2018, 2:57 PM
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While the features might be inspired by California they added a few. The interesting one is barrel shroud, and they define it as totally covering or partially covering the barrel. I don't see how that works as any stock around the barrel or only below it would be swept up in that definition. Not only that they seem to define forward grip a few different ways. It looks like it would ban the vast majority of semi autos. While I'm sure the ninth might go along this if this doesn't go against Heller nothing will.
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Old 03-22-2018, 3:28 PM
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I'm not going to lose sleep over it...

Post said he didn't expect the initiative petition to be successful and noted that no Democratic leaders had voiced support of the proposal.

"This got zero comment or help from anybody in Oregon's Democratic leadership," Post said. "The reason they're not supporting this is that they're not stupid. They know this would bring out the greatest red wave of votes in Oregon history."
"Everyone must determine for themselves what level of tyranny they are willing to tolerate.
I let my 03 FFL expire in 2013 and my CA residency in 2015."
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Old 03-22-2018, 9:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Flintlock Tom View Post
I'm not going to lose sleep over it...
Let's hope so. New OR resident; having fled CA - figured I had 5 years, at least...
- It is no longer Republican vs Democrat; the battle of the 21st century is authoritarian (Rep+Dem) vs libertarian.
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Old 03-23-2018, 10:16 AM
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BTW, it's far worse than the CA AW ban. Note it includes rimfire rifles in the AW definition and that ANY finger below the action is an "AW feature" classifier. A conventional stocked rifle (no pistol grip) puts 3 fingers below the action, at least for me. This is a ban on all semi-auto rifles, including 22s.

Good to see it's dead in OR, hopefully they don't do that here.
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Old 03-23-2018, 10:35 AM
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If Portland and Eugene have the numbers it will qualify and win. Like most states, the urban areas run the show.
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Old 03-26-2018, 5:16 PM
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Update for everyone:

Part of a putting an Initiative on the ballot is having it certified by the Oregon Supreme Court. On average they take 2-5 months to certify, but their fastest turnaround time this year was 7 weeks. There are several other steps in this process that involves the Attorney General. This will give them approximately 6 weeks to gather enough signatures to submit for verification and get on the ballot. Simply getting the 88,000 will not be enough because some will be invalid. From what I have read people shoot for about 110,000. So hypothetically if we give them the benefit on the doubt on signature collection to 100,000 and a generous 50 days of petition circulation, they will need ~2000 signatures per day. They were able to gather 3,400 for the initial 1,000 signature petition to get this process started. I assume most of those signatures were gathered at the 3/24 Anti-civil rights march. It seems that they will have less than 50 days, closer to 40, and will need 110,000 signatures which would be ~2600 per day.

From what I have read ~90% of these initiatives fail to make the ballot in the first place. The group who launched this campaign are not using paid volunteers and kids will be in school until June (I believe?). Getting enough signatures is going to be very tough for them to complete given the circumstances.

OFF is working on legally challenging some these steps along the way. They will put out a newsletter on how to help at some point.

Also keep in mind Kate Brown won the 2016 election with 50.9% of the vote, with the rest being split among Republicans and Libertarians. Even in the unlikely circumstance that they get this measure on the ballot, getting enough votes (especially a nonpresidential election cycle) to pass this thing is going to be a challenge. Oregon's GOP has become largely apathetic to voting and if they did they could take back a significant amount of power from the democrats. Something this ridiculous combined with the pro-2a liberals (they exist), means the result could be a toss up. Democratic leadership has also not been backing this initiative because they fear GOP and pro-2a turn out.

lastly Kate Brown has had talks of passing a 3 day waiting period next legislative session. This session (short session), they weren't able to pass a bill that would send an official letter to Congress/Trump in the support of AW and magazine capacity ban. I do think Oregon has another 2-6 years where we can hold out on these type of bills. Unfortunately a SCOTUS judge dying is about the only thing that can save us eventually.
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Old 06-29-2018, 9:29 PM
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Court ruled today,

On Wednesday, Oregon’s Supreme Court refused to approve Initiative Petition 43 - a state ballot proposal for an assault weapon and high-capacity magazine ban - due to the initiative’s repeated use of vague and misleading language and outright false claims to describe the proposed law to voters.

Furthermore, the court directed Oregon’s attorney general to revise the language of the initiative to comply with state laws requiring Oregonians to be accurately informed about the law’s key provisions at the ballot box.

However, even if the necessary revisions were made to the gun control initiative’s language, supporters of the measure would need to collect 88,184 signatures by July 6th to get it on this year’s ballot
No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems - of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.
- Thomas Sowell
I've been saying that for years ...

There is no value at all complaining or analyzing or reading tea leaves to decide what these bills really mean or actually do; any bill with a chance to pass will be bad for gun owners.

The details only count after the Governor signs the bills.

Not a lawyer, just Some Guy On The Interwebs.

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Old 06-29-2018, 9:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
I'm not surprised by this result at all.

I'm sure they will try again (in the future) with revisions. I can't say anything nice about the anti-crowd, but I will say that I (almost) admire their persistence...if that makes sense.
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Old 06-29-2018, 9:39 PM
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So, Oregonians get a year or so reprieve. Most of my relatives live there but I've given up on relocating there. I'll stop by and say Hi on my way to Idaho when I eventually GTF out of the PRK.
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Old 06-29-2018, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by WartHog View Post
So, Oregonians get a year or so reprieve. Most of my relatives live there but I've given up on relocating there. I'll stop by and say Hi on my way to Idaho when I eventually GTF out of the PRK.
We got two at the very least. The legislature won't pass an AW ban. Their big thing for 2019 is a 3 day waiting period. Incrementalism at its finest.

2020 would be the earliest time for another petition and this time people are prepared, not to mention the supreme court is looking great for us.

I bought a Noveske "Ghetto Blaster" SBR two weeks ago when it became obvious they'd fail as a way to celebrate. I will also certainly be buying as many firearms as I can before 1/1/21 (earliest day it would go into effect if it passed).
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