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California 2nd Amend. Political Discussion & Activism Discuss gun rights activism and 2A related political topics here. All advice given is NOT legal counsel.

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Old 06-17-2018, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by The Gleam View Post
My aggravation with this is when fighting the 7 passed infringing bills and prop 63 with petitions (Gunmageddon) the NRA and CRPA gave little support, and only at the very tail end gave some limited awareness. It was too little and way too late.

The excuse was they felt litigation was a better angle. Replies here on Calguns often supported that idea.

I'm still NRA and CRPA and always will be, but I was critical of their lack of support at that time for this very reason. If they had put their full weight into it from the start with media attention, it could have been much more.

On average, each proposition gained only around 150,000 signatures and I blame that primarily on lack of awareness. NRA and CRPA had the means to call for a wider response to the petitions early on and failed.
Maybe the NRA and the CRPA see that the majority of California voters hate guns and gun owners. And every day more and more gun owners are exiting this ****hole of a state.
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Old 06-17-2018, 1:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Ford8N View Post
Maybe the NRA and the CRPA see that the majority of California voters hate guns and gun owners. And every day more and more gun owners are exiting this ****hole of a state.
Irrelevant, and they would be wrong, now and even more so as they were then.

The excuse they gave for anemic support of the petitions was that litigation would provide better impact and success. My point at that time and still is, had we been extended the courtesy sooner of their ability to do little more than use what media capability they already had for alerting gun owners, the petitions would have been successful.

The early alerts had little to no cost. Nothing new to develop, no taxing time.

And now? Is the litigation working? No.
Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
What compelling interest has any level of government in knowing what guns are owned by civilians? (Those owned by government should be inventoried and tracked, for exactly the same reasons computers and desks and chairs are tracked: responsible care of public property.)

If some level of government had that information, what would they do with it? How would having that info benefit public safety? How would it benefit law enforcement?
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Old 06-27-2018, 12:07 AM
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Grass roots is often a dismal failure because the lack of true leadership.

We have seen a few good grass roots movements in the past, but obviously we lack the leadership and the funding to make that happen today. I do agree that it is almost a futile effort. But taking the attitude that it just won't work is half of our problem.

I also agree that the NRA and the CRPA give the "meh" sensation when it comes to fighting for our 2A in this state.

I still hear tons of whining about the problems but I still have not heard any viable solutions offered up.

Basic leadership skill #1, never submit a problem without offering resolution.

I provided a brief of the problem, I suggested options for resolution.

As men and women who own and wish we could bear our arms, we are bound to be held to a higher standard. We cannot run amok in the streets screaming "REEEEEEEE" and be taken seriously....We would have to stage a march with thousands upon thousands of armed individuals on the state capitol demanding our rights be respected, and restored. This act alone would ensure that our rights would be revoked and removed lol.

Patriots were not asked if they wanted to surrender his/her life to make this country... they were forced...

Soon enough, our predicament will be a simple one..... Surrender them or fight. I'm willing to bet, that when it gets to that point more than half of the gung ho patriots here will move from this state because it's a viable option that does not include violence, nor threaten the ability to keep owning firearms.

The rest, well we can lay out the odds for surrender, non compliance by hiding them and never using them again, and finally getting arrested and losing the right altogether.

This fight will not gain any momentum until it's a national issue, and whether anyone wants to admit it, or is going to become a national issue more later than sooner.

I'm exhausted from trying to reason with people... Common sense seems to have evaporated and has been replaced by a steaming cloud of desperation. Conservative Californians are going the way of the dinosaur, we are migrating to greener pastures in larger and larger numbers trying to stave off extinction.

I like many others, am just trying to wait for Young and Nichols to see if there is any hope left... not that I have much hope anymore for this state.

But I do have hope for my fellow Americans, that maybe one day, you will open your eyes and realize that a fight is a fight...there are no rules in a street fight... there is no gentleman code, no Geneva Convention on the streets....

If you want to brake check the liberals, you need to pressure your congressmen and representatives into force feeding bills that level the playing field. bills that sound a lot like:

1.) Remove ALL exemptions related to firearms. LEO can only use weapons that are on the roster. They can ONLY have ten round magazines. They CANNOT use evil assault rifles, like the AR-15, or magazine fed shotguns. If it is not safe for us to have them, it has be even less safe for someone who is almost 100% going to end up having to use it.

Currently several departments are reviewing a new silencer policy.... it is a felony to be in possession of those devices in this state. LEO should have ZERO exemption. A felony is a Felony, regardless who commits it. If crime cannot be fought with the arms the citizens have, then we need to loosen the noose of the rules for ALL citizens.

2.) Remove security details from the politicians. They are not an exceptional class of citizenry. Most of these security teams are not even sworn peace officers. They are citizens just like the rest of us, and regardless of the job title they hold, the supreme court has ruled that an individual is responsible for his or her own protection and the police cannot be forced to protect anyone. If the streets are safe enough for us to walk unarmed, then by that same precedent it should be safe enough for them

3.) Make them accountable. Stop letting politicians ram countless laws down the throat of the legal system.... Hundreds of frivolous bills are written every year...This is a waste of resources...there should be a limit to the number of bills that an individual policymaker can attempt every year.....force them to make the best of the opportunities given to them. Each representative gets to sponsor one bill per year, limited to a SINGLE issue. No more gut and replace. If a bill is EVER deemed to have caused harm, or create a criminal act where non existed before, the representative should face the same punishment as they imposed on the people.

4.) Get rid of lifetime pensions for politicians in this state. Being a representative is a honor and an opportunity to give back, not a career choice. You should be elected on your merit, not your bank account. Get in, do some good and get out. Term limits for congressmen and senators. Three terms MAXIMUM. (I am literally waiting for Moonbeam to have his heart stopped, and then be brought back to life and proclaim to all he has been pronounced dead, and his previous terms no longer apply, because they were in a past life.)

5.) If a representative submits a bill and it passes all scrutiny, before it can be signed into law it MUST be taken to a vote by the people. If less than 50% of the eligible voters in the state do not participate in the vote, the bill fails. This will force politicians to put it on the line and make it count. This will also eliminate the governor from being the final check and balance. This mandates that our politicians interact with us the people. they will need to spread the word on what they are doing, and be in our favor... not just ramming it in until it gets passed on a party line, where the people had no idea it was even coming. Force them to advertise on billboards again, force them to stand in front of wal-mart and run television ads. Fine them and create punishments for any and all forms of misleading the public. If the bill is to raise gas taxes, and they tout that it is to save some rare plant species, they should be fined, the bill tossed out, and forever barred from holding public officer in the future.

6.) Mandatory voter Identification. Each person residing in the state should be required to prove they are a citizen of the united states and a resident of the state. At which time they will be issued a permanent voter registration I.D People often say we do not have the resources to make this happen... that's plain silly. we have the resourced to monitor who owns assault weapons and who doesn't there is LITERALLY zero difference. No I.D, no right to vote on anything. Anyone who would not be legally allowed to own a firearm, should not be legally allowed to vote, pretty simple.

There you have it... 6 REALLY common sense ideas that can be pushed on our representatives... if all of them were to be passed into law, imagine a state, where your rights could not be infringed on by a minority split into gerrymandered voting districts....A state where EVERYONE'S opinion was considered important. A state where your representatives were forced to walk down the same streets as you, with the same expectation of safety that you have. A state where bad politicians were ousted and barred from EVER representing anyone ever again....A state that actually had justice for the people...

It's a dream....a fantasy....we could relentlessly slam bills aimed to make this happen down California's legislative throat for decades and it would not matter....because the state is lost.

I have ideas.... I have hopes, I have dreams....They might be fantasy.... but to me......they represent my will to never stop fighting for my home state.

"accountability" this is a word, that literally no California state rep. will ever have to live up to.

"Yield" this is a word, that literally no Californian driver seems to grasp.... As long as Yield remains a mystery to the drivers in this state, Accountability will remain far from the thoughts of any representative.

There is no way defend yourself from an attacker without violence.
There is no way using violence will stop the people attacking your 2A
what an interesting enigma we have.....
You don't blame cars for speeding or D.U.I's yet you put the most unqualified people behind the wheel!
Then you blame guns for senseless acts of violence and prohibit the most qualified people from owning them?
My keyboard is at fault for all typographical errors so flame the keyboard not me.

P.S come for my guns I F****** dare you
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