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gonguncrzy, your rifle is the perfect example of why we started this project, and why the die hard collectors have refused to accept these dates.
The Madis DOM for your rifle shows it made in 1897, making it an "Antique" and adding to the value, when in fact, it was made about late Feb? of 1900 making it a "C&R".
Three years or three days can make a big difference on the rifle's classification status. I've seen dozens of Winchesters sold on GB with the wrong date of manufacture, with a couple of C&R's being sold as Antiques. To my knowledge, the BATF hasn't gone after any of them...yet. But I'll bet when they nail the first one, a whole buncha people are going to be double checking their serial numbers.
It'll probably open a big can of lawsuit worms too, and I'll bet that's the exact reason the Blue Book of Gun Values finally listed these polishing room dates alongside the Madis dates.
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