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Originally Posted by quick draw mcgraw View Post
Have any of you ladies tried/own a Kahr K9? I have a Kahr P40 that fits my wife's hand really well, but it kicks like a mule. I think the steel frame and 9mm of the K9 would be alot easier on recoil while the fit would be similar and familiar to her.
I shot LG1980's Kahr a few months ago. I think it was the K9. Thought the recoil was rather tame. It did have a tendency to shoot to the left, I think. Which was easily correctable.

Originally Posted by ka7_s13 View Post
What about pulling the slides on semi auto handguns? Any advise on ez pull slides vs harder slides on some handguns?
Two things I've learned in handling semi-automatics:

* Make sure to apply grease to the frame and under the slide after cleaning -- makes racking the pistol much easier; and

* Instead of pulling the slide back, hold the slide with the weak hand and push the pistol grip forward with the strong hand (after releasing the safety). Ensure that the flesh of the hand between the thumb and forefinger is up and against the grip, just below the hammer, to engage the grip safety.
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