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Unhappy Sad situation.

Originally Posted by Dantedamean View Post
Well good news is this watch commander actually did his job, I guess a crime report was filed after we left. My guess is my dad pissed off the officer lol he has that effect of people.

The watch commander is putting together a case for the LAPD to revoke his CCW and we told him that my dad still has his badge as well, he is going to pass along that info too.

Thanks for the info, I didn't even think to talk to the watch commander.
Verify all this stuff.

Sounds like you have now painted yourself into a corner and must engage in a "full court press," no pun intended.

Keep a file in which you document every step you have taken so far.

Obtain all official paperwork, such as the "crime report" that you "guess" was filed.

Take nothing for granted.

Do get all the media involved.

Put together a package of all the information you have so far.

Have everything in it notarized.

Think of it as your "media information kit."

Send it or hand deliver it to all the major media outlets.

Include the L.A. Times.

There are certain reporters for the Times who seem to be the ones who do the "anti-cop" stories. Choose those ones. I know your story is not "anti-cop," that it is really "anti-abusive-cop," but "anti-cop" will likely be the spin the Times puts on this story.

Unless the alleged perp decides to go out in a blaze of glory, you might actually succeed.

If the alleged perp decides that "winning at all costs"--i.e., destroying his target by any means necessary even if it costs him his freedom and his life--you and your mom will have a Battle Royale that brings this scenario to a bloody end.

I don't know you, so I cannot really take sides.

However, if everything you are telling us here is true and not just a one-sided telling of events aimed at character assassination, I hope you and your mom survive and that the threat is stopped in some final way.

Whatever the truth is, I hope a violent end does not come out of all this and that the alleged perp comes to his senses and backs down.

Sad situation.

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