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I have had my permit through Humboldt county for coming up on 6 years. After taking a bit longer than expected I renewed earlier than needed this year but turns out that was not necessary. I submitted my completed application and all other necessary papers on August 27th and got the letter with the approval to come pick up the permit on September 15th. I have been going to the indoor range in Eureka called Old West Shootery, I am over an hour away but I enjoy checking in with Kevin, the owner I believe, and usualy make a point to stop in when in town to say hi and sometimes run a few rounds. New qualifications are, I believe, 50 rounds and renewals are 20 or 25. I think under 4" is from 35' and 4"+ at 45'. The range also hosts the Ccw classes as well as A few other places in town I believe.
My good cause was originally an elaborate form of living in a rural area with limited cell coverage and access to law enforcement. Each renewal I get shorter and shorter with the same basic primice. I know a few others that have been approved and for the most part I think self defense and maybe something spicific to your case is good to go. It has been a few years sense I did the original "interview" and assuming it hasn't changed much it was compleatly painless, aside from having to be interviewed to exercise a right. I got the feeling he was feeling me out on my familiarity with guns and once he was comfortable with that the process of going over my application was more of a chit chat I felt. On my last renewal I added the first gun that had been bought through single shot exemption and also had some minor mods and a laser, none of them were even mentiond as being an issue, the gun check is mostly to confirm serial number I believe.
If you are hesitant to apply because of the process but are reasonably capable with a gun and don't have any major flaws on your record or anything else to disqualify you go ahead and do it, be honest on the application and relax and be upfront at the interview and more than likley you will wonder what you were so worried about, I know I did.
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