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Originally Posted by DarkHorse View Post
It looks like the tool has a scraper in the notch in the center of the block. You simply press the tail of the bolt against the scraper and twist the bolt back & forth to remove carbon buildup.

To polish, you place a cleaning pad inside the polisher door-thingy, insert the bolt, and twist b & f. The instructions for use are on the website. Reading those, looking at the pics, and using your imagination should get you pretty far here.

BUT, a video would be helpful. For the children
Yes for the children like me , who want to see it in action--if it can clean a bolt as it claims in a few seconds and become all shiny and purty, then I'm down to get one. Lots of things are claimed in text and pics, but the true test and demonstration is with a video these days. Sorry sometimes I'm a skeptic, but I've been burned a few times.
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