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Default AR-15 bolt cleaner

*****Carrier Cleaner now available!!! *****

Check out these great tools to clean the carbon off of the AR-15/M-16 bolt tail. The cleaner/polisher takes every bit of carbon off the bolt tail in just a few seconds, and if you don't want it that clean, the cleaner only model takes off the majority of the carbon in less than five seconds. Check out our website,, or pm.

UPDATE: Here is a review from the Chief of Police in Hooper Bay, Alaska who recently received his G&G bolt cleaning tool:

.308 tool now available!!!!

Here's what Doug A. said after using the tool he just got (09/2012), " This product should be standard issue to every GI. Anyone who owns an AR and does not own this product either hasn't heard about it or is a complete moron. After using it I would gladly pay double or triple to have one. It's that F ing good! I am posting photos and my thoughts on Facebook and will post the same on Calguns. Great job!"

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