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Originally Posted by madoka View Post
I think Bruss explained a lot of it. I haven't complained about BOB or INCH bags, because who knows what you'll need. But with a GHB, mobility is a key aspect that people here do not seem to pay attention to. IMHO, I've noticed this tendency on prepper forums to have ever, more elaborate bags. It's like guys are comparing the size of their bags with each other and trying to outdo the last guy. I remember seeing one bag with both fresh and salt water fishing gear!

So, I've thought about when I would be caught away from home: I'd either be at work or shopping. If I'm at work, I'll be 20 miles away. If I'm shopping, I'll likely be 10 miles away or less. In either case, food is not necessary. Heaven forbid I arrive home hungry, but 7 hours without food won't kill me. Plus at my work there is plenty of food and if I'm out shopping there's likely a source of food nearby. I feel the same about water, but I do have some more reservations about that.
I'm happy for you that you're happy with your kit. What you refuse to accept is that your minimalist approach isn't necessarily what's best for everyone and you keep pushing your solution for your individual situation as the perfect one size fits all solution for the world like a TV elevangelist. I'm happy for you that your kit is all you need and I sure hope that you're right and you never need more but those of us that take into account a wider range of possible situations are just going to pack more and you'll just have to accept that.
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