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Originally Posted by FeuerFrei View Post
Try living out of your GHB for a weekend and see how many things will not be needed.
I agree 110%.

I'll also add that everyone should get out and use their stuff. When you need it most is not the time to learn how it works or how well it does/doesn't work.

Even taking a day hike with your GHB is a nice way to see if it weighs too much and will be uncomfortable and hold you back. GHBs should be nice and light and not weigh you down.

Also, periodically go through your GHB and see what haven't been used in a while and determine whether or not the weight is justified to keep it. Your bags will constantly evolve for the better that way. For example I don't think I've ever actually used a zip tie out of my GHB but the weight/size/utility comparison is worth it to me to have a couple for whatever random reason may come up.

I actually use the stuff in my GHB very often - more often than I thought I would actually. Things like the gloves, solar panel, flashlight, water bottle (with the filter removed), etc. Often I eat a Cliff bar when I get munchy at work and forget to replace it for a while. So good to keep track of what you have for sure.

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