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Originally Posted by madoka View Post
I'll be the first to admit that I've probably over prepared. Hell, I just had $150 worth of Kerlix bandages delivered today. Added to my existing supply of bandages, I have enough for several blocks worth of victims. But the stuff people have in their GHBs borders on lunacy.

If the purpose of a GHB is to get home, then many people here are simply overloaded. To be honest, I too walked around with food and water until I realized how stupid it was. That stuff is heavy and food and water will not be an issue if you are just trying to walk back home.
This is funny to me. Other things might cause a person to have to walk home other than a happy little earthquake where people are handing out food and water on every corner. What does it hurt to have more than you *may* need?
Worst case I can always leave my bag on the side of the road while I merrily skip along the downhill easy happy path back home.

My pack sits in my trunk and doesn't take up too much space. Better to be prepared I say. To each their own.

At least I'll know who to call if I need a bandage for a blister on my foot
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