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Originally Posted by OHOD View Post
First off. I was in the Army from '83-'86. I'm well aware of what war is.
Secondly, this thread is for women only. I do not know if you are a woman or not. If not, please do not post here.
Thirdly, your post was real, but your tenor was condescending in that you are making the assumption that we do not know the responsibilities we have in war.
Fourth. I would gladly be drafted. And I am careful what I wish for and I wish that I can fight alongside my brothers and sisters.

Edit: I just found out the answer to number two. While I appreciate your comments, my question is for the ladies. I do not want a man to come into this thread and push their opinion. Regardless about studies is Israel, snipers in Russia, question stands for the ladies.
First of all you said poll, not thread. As in I can comment in the thread but not vote in the poll.

You referenced the study done in Israel, so that means I don't have to find it and link it.

A female added to my squad would become a liability. Currently, standards are not the same for both men and women.

If you individually, don't behave like a little sister which makes me subconsciously want to protect you, you can literally carry your own weight and gear, perform to the same level in combat, and be able to be one of the guys and not get emotional and offended when the front line infantry are just trying to make a joke or two, then sure you can fight too.

You are entitled to your opinion; so am I; along with every man that is in the infantry on the front lines.

I take it you have not seen the documentary The Invisible War? Watch that, think on it, then you are entitled to make an educated comment.

But after re-reading my response, my stance really boils down to this: I practice jiu-jitsu. In this very large category of skilled practitioners, if you take two average guys with the same amount of technique and experience, it will be a very even match. If you match an average man and an average woman with the same skill and experience, the man will dominate the woman.

I would want the best person suited for the job to cover my six.

On a more personal question, but still respectful: Have you ever fought in a war, as in shot at someone? I have not. Have you been in a physical confrontation with a person of stature similar to that of a soldier in the frontline infantry? I have not, but very very close in size and capability. Have you ever been in a physical conflict with another human that involved the threat of very real physical consequences? I have. Have you ever been in a physical fight with another person, where the penalty for losing is being blacked out by being choked out? I have. Have you ever been haymackered in a scenario and then had to defend yourself? I have.

I know this is the Ladies section. And I know that it is important to make the female populace of the firearms community not feel discriminated. I'm not angry or being disrespectful. It's that the question asked in this thread has consequences that affect way more than just the women posting about it. If it became standard practice to have women on the front lines, far more men would die as a direct consequence than the women newly put in. To me, that sounds like it would affect more men than women, and therefore would be very relevant and prudent for the men to have a say in.
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