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Originally Posted by FLIGHT762 View Post
Gas guns run different than bolt guns. I've owned and reloaded for a Knight's SR-25 since 1993. I have to use medium burning powders and cannot run it as hot as a bolt gun, usually 3-2 grains less. I tried some CFE 223 recently and blew primers. It does not have an adjustable gas block.

This rifle beats the brass. I've put in a Tubbs buffer spring and a CWS (Carrier Weight System) which has helped. With Federal Brass, I may get only 2 reloadings out of them. I get better results with Remington, Winchester and Hornady brass, but the brass still gets beaten.

You may be experiencing the same thing with your rifle. Try dropping your powders charges a bit and try some different primers, it may help.
Seems like the guns are pretty similar on how finicky they are to charge weight. What kind of receipe have you been using? I don't know how much further I can go under minimum charge weight with IMR4895? I am at 41gr (typical minimum) with a 2.80 COAL.

I also tried 10 rounds with CFE223 that I use for the smaller rounds. I went a full 1.6gr under Hogdon's minimum fearing that it would produce similar results as the IMR4895 at minimum charge and it did the same thing as you stated...pierced a primer and some were cratered....
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