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Here is an official update since there seems to be a good bit of confusion and misinformation being spread on this thread.

The court has taken the matter under submission and will issue a ruling at a later date. No ruling has been issued yet. The court has not ordered the filing of an amended complaint nor determined that it would be appropriate. May 1 is simply the current last day to amend the pleadings in general as set forth in the standard schedule of pretrial dates.

Also, Defendants did not ask the court to dismiss the challenge to the open carry restrictions. I HIGHLY recommend reading the Motions and our Opposition, as they will shed a great deal of light on this.

All filings in the case can be accessed here:

Regardless of the outcome of this MTD, Defendants' denial of the ability to carry a firearm in any manner will have been preserved for consideration by any appropriate reviewing courts (even in light of the en banc panel's improper characterization and treatment of the Peruta plaintiffs' claims.)

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