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Originally Posted by kcbrown View Post
The original complaint asks for a CCW as an alternative form of relief. The primary form of relief being asked for is nullification of the open carry prohibition. Here's the original complaint:

The relief request begins on page 19.
kcbrown, care to comment?

In which paragraphs of the Complaint do the Flanagan Plaintiffs establish legal standing to challenge the California Open Carry bans? See Thomas v. Anchorage Equal Rights Com'n, 220 F. 3d 1134, 1139 - Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit (2000). Simply asking for an injunction in the Prayer for Relief section of the Complaint does not create legal standing to challenge a law.

The Flanagan Plaintiffs have not articulated any plan, let alone a concrete plan, to violate California's Open Carry bans. They've been given a deadline of May 1st to file an amended complaint. Do you really believe that they are going to get it right this time after failing in Peruta and McKay?
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