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Tides really turned on me quickly here.

(1) I am not skirting the rules because I am honestly not selling to people on here. Ask the people who PMed me. I am not looking to sell this to CalGuns people. I was mostly looking to see if people thought I'd be able to net enough to make my one-gun-into-two-guns fantasy come true. I also know how up you are all on legislation that will limit our hobby so I figured if anyone knew about things coming down that would make an AR impossible to attain in CA it would be CalGuns people..

(2) I have never voted for Feinstein but it doesn't matter because she is going to hang onto that seat. Believe it or not, I actually care about a lot of issues about how the country is run and while I do think the democrats are really dumb on guns I that doesn't mean they're dumb on everything. Also, until recent events the democrats lacked the balls to really do anything about guns nationally so their stupidity on the issue was moot... was.

@myk: I'm a struggling graduate student and I'm already at "minimum inventory" (i.e., one AR rifle and 7 rounds of 5.56). I had to save up tutoring money for quite a while to reward myself with this AR as a gift for getting my Master's degree. I would like to go shooting more often but as-is I can't find ammo at a reasonable price so I'm thinking it might be better to offload the AR, pick up a glock, shoot that for a bit and then build a new AR later this year.

@keenkeen: If there is one thing Warren Buffet knows it is how to work the market to your advantage.
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