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Originally Posted by banta134 View Post
I was out there this past weekend with my wife. I took a rake and trash bags because i've noticed a lot of trash is being left behind. I like shooting there because its close to home but its a bummer to see the mess that people leave behind. I only picked up some of it as i would have need to take nothing else in my truck to clean up the mess. Particle board/wood, soda cups, ammo boxes and part of a baby chair? I tried to focus on the trash i was able to rake up ( ) and put in a bag. I filled a bag and a half with this stuff. I go almost every weekend so next time i'll try to take out some of the wood that is left behind. I know the thought might be to leave the wood for the next guy to use but when its sitting on public land it looks more like it was just dumped there. Bummer to see this and to think that i'm associated with shooters like that.
Thank you very much for that, i will be happy to give you a hand and maybe even make a difference. Im afraid with all of the fires up there lately they may try to shut her down if we cant get it cleaned up. PM me and we can set up a time on the weekend to head up there and do some cleaning, ill be happy to bring a truck and maybe even a trailer.
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