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Originally Posted by Bellehood View Post
sweet gear aside, this picture made my day, because someone WILLINGLY wears an Army Rigger's belt every day. too funny.
Originally Posted by hitman13 View Post
It's a rigger's belt to anyone that has been in the modern military....
Originally Posted by Bellehood View Post
they sell that EXACT belt at every PX i have been to, for $29.99, and i watched dozens of poor privates at basic buy them because they thought they were high speed, even though they have zero advantage over the free stuff we were issued.

its made by like a dozen different companies, but the design is the same, some call it a "tactical belt", blah blah blah, but its known as a rigger's belt. I hope they are no companies that are trying to pawn them off at "gun belts", its just a belt.
Belt in the third post is the rigers belt. Belts in RollingCode3 and mine pictures are the belts designed for the gun carry. They are very stiff.
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