Thread: CZ452 vs CZ455
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Great looking rifle, I like it. Your setup looks pretty close to what I'd want.

And yes, the 455 has interchangeable barrels.

Some more questions if you don't mind:
- This is subjective, but how does the rifle balance with such a long barrel? I don't plan on shooting silhouette/competition so I'd take balance and ease of use during a long session over the benefits of that great sight radius.
- Does the Yodave kit just cut some of the slack/creep out while lightening the pull or does it change the trigger pull all together (ie say to something 1911 like, glock like, etc etc)?
- Typical group (at w/e distance you normally shoot at with w/e ammo it likes best)?
- Is the "inside" of the front sight a clear plastic circle with a hole in the middle? If so, how do you like it compared to other aperture sights you may have used?

General rimfire question:
- Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe 22lr doesn't get much velocity wise past a 14" barrel. Does it begin to lose performance at 28"+ vs say 24" or 20"?
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