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Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
Yep! Your computer is constipated. Let it update for a day, stay on top of it as much as you can. If it persists, as I, and others have said, Get the drivers, a WinX .ISO, wipe, and reload. Keep us up on it... Good luck!
Can one still stop the WinUpdate service, then blow out the \windows\Software\SoftwareDistribution folder like on Win7 to fix update issues? (My Win10 box is at work, so I can't verify now... and w/ Win7 it takes forever to start the 1st update after doing this, but it works if you have whack/corrupt[?] updates.)

I don't think there is a reason to wipe, as most recent version of Windows, if it still works with Win OS(u)X, will let usually you do a clean install w/out blowing out any data.

Installation of the "10 upgrade" (even a clean install, or really the subsequent activation rather) I have found to be hit-and-miss... sometimes it won't activate, reinstall and activation works fine... is what I have had to do...

The ISO/USB creation can be had, as stated in previous posts:
Use another rig to create it, then boot to it on your problem rig for a clean install, and don't blow out your data, if you can.

My thoughts are that if 10 uses the same NTFS version, one could "chkdsk /f" the drive to verify NTFS integrity, then do the clean install (no blow out of data) after correction.
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