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Originally Posted by jdfthetech View Post
Usually when you have this sort of issue, there are a few possible causes.

1) windows 10 is running all the updates over the past couple years,( this can take literally a day or so to clean up with reboots etc). This happens if you do an upgrade which is most likely why you are seeing this problem. Best course of action is to let it update everything when it boots a few times. This can take around 10-20 hours, and yes, I've seen this a bunch.

2) You have old drivers loading that are conflicting with system calls for newly installed drivers. This can be fixed by uninstalling all video / sound / device drivers, rebooting and then letting windows install it's own base drivers first. After the drivers install, go out and download device drivers for all your hardware again. I've seen this one a few times but it's not so common (mostly seen it with nvidia cards and also old network card drivers like the USB linksys ones).

3) your old install is being scanned on boot each time for viruses and there is an actual old win 7 virus blocking syscalls, you can try a fresh install to see if this is the case

Generally the best course of action is a fresh install on an SSD (or another partition) and then you can port over the stuff you need to keep. If you do port your data over, it's possible you may have permission issues with some files. If you have permissions issues, you may have to takeown the files on the old install then grant all users permissions to them:


Just thought of this, but this could be another problem . . .

You could have a ton of old update files in your temp director from Win 10 updating. These files are not cleaned up properly when you are updating. You can clean out the temp directory and it may help speed up the updating process (the temp files are scanned each update which eats up a lot of time).

This site has some good info on the process:
These are good points.
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