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Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
You can try "fastboot", to see if that works better. It SHOULD be "default".

Here's how to do it:
Followed instructions per the video, it helped slightly. My restart time (before it would boot back up) was 85 minutes, but once the PC booted back up, it took an additional 25 minutes.

Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
That's awesome! You shouldn't be having a problem. Let's start with your AV, and any spyware protection you might have:

You really don't need it. If you have a third party AV, or spyware protection, remove it. The Windows Defender in WinX is more than adequate for protection, and is updated regularly. If you have McAfee, or Norton, DUMP them. If you really MUST use an after market AV, use AVAST! free (make SURE you get the WinX version). It's lighter, much faster, and more efficient than Norton, or McAfee. If you do this, shut OFF Windows Defender.

Is it in the middle of updates, and keeps getting interrupted? This can cause massive slowdown on boot up. Turn on computer, find "check for updates" in System and Security. When updates start, walk away for 3 or 4 hours, don't touch until updates are finished. I actually despise WinX for that reason. You CAN disable the automatic updates completely, but it's not that easy.
When it reboots, it may update some more. If you're constipated, and finally let loose, you could be back and forth to the loo several times before finished. Same concept here.

Bloatware... Any that came with your Win7 computer, is still there, and probably in startup, if you never cleaned it out.... Especially, HP. They load their machines with a ton of it. REMOVE it.

what's in your startup..... Anything there you DON'T need to be starting? There are also a number of services that can be shut off. There is no logical reason for a computer of that class, to be running that crappy. Shut as much down in here, as humanly possible. Keep in mind, EVERYTHING you have running in that taskbar, is also loading up during boot. EVERYTHING showing on your desktop, is sapping video memory, and probably boot time.

Cortana.... If you don't need it, shut it off.

You might want to do a serious disk cleanup, then defrag (NEVER defrag a Solid State Drive!) afterward.

You could also have a defective hard drive. You'll need to test it.

I'll add to this if I can think of anything else.
For troubleshooting purposes, I've disabled NOD32 (anti virus) and Malwarebytes (used both for many years - at home and in a network environment. I believe highly in these two products but I've turned them off for now. BYW, both are Win 10 versions).

Disk isn't the problem. I've run via DOS the command sfc /scannow twice and have also run the similar process within Win 10. Also have run chkdsk (in DOS) twice. Everything is good.

I've gone into msconfig and other than MS items only, EVERYTHING is disabled (including files from Adobe, Intuit, Google, etc).

I turned off Cortana (but that shoudn't be a problem if its from MS).

No bloatware on the PC. Not even a game (I'm not a gamer).

Now here's something interesting: You asked about if Win 10 is updated. I'm at v1709 installed today (could have been at 1AM or within the past couple hours when I did a re-start). I do know when I looked yesterday, it was v1703. But when I looked at the update history log just now, it shows nothing. Just the latest update (v1709). Maybe that's telling (that its updating at every restart)?

UPDATE: I decided to uninstall (not disable) NOD32 (Eset anti-virus) and Malwarebytes. I went back to Windows update and it shows that its trying to (re) install v1709 (it was fully installed BEFORE uninstalling those two programs). I also got this MS error number: 0x800705b4. Looked it up and it has to do with Windows Defender. Went ahead and activated it via service.msc and will now attempt a re-start (which I'm guessing will take another 2-3 hours). Hoping for the best!

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