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Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
You can try "fastboot", to see if that works better. It SHOULD be "default".

Here's how to do it:

You also have the option to "roll back" to Windows 7 (MY advice). If you've had WinX for longer than 30 days, you'll need to get a legit copy of Win7, hunt all your drivers, re format your HDD, and do a clean install. It's not just that simple either. Especially, if you're dealing with UEFI BIOS, So make the decision quickly, as you're running out of time.

Here is how to do it if you're still within the 30 day rollback period:

How much RAM do you have? I SERIOUSLY recommend at LEAST 6gb/RAM. 8GB would be better. In my opinion, anything higher than Win7 Home Premium, needs more than 4gb/RAM, to run properly, and quickly. Even at that, Win7HP fairs better with 6, or 8gb/RAM.

What CPU do you have? I have WinX running on a ThinkPad T400, Core2 Duo, w/8GB of RAM, and it runs pretty well. Your computer would have to be pretty old not to run WinX, as long as you have the RAM and HDD space to do it. Most people own laptops, or desktops that are 4yrs old and newer. CPU speed, shouldn't be an issue.

How much hard drive do you have? If you're cutting it close, that would be the problem.

We need more info.
Very true! If he upgraded, and he has a smaller capacity HDD, That "Windows.old" file is pretty big, and sucks up a lot of space.
For the most part, good advice! However, I have some pretty old machines running WinX that are on BIOS dated 2012, and they work fine. If someone hasn't ever flashed a BIOS, I don't recommend it unless they have someone who has experience doing it, holding their hand through the process. One mistake, and they're buying a new computer.

I do, second the WinX driver pack, if it's needed.
I have 16 GB RAM (plenty!). It's an i7 3.2 processor and 2TB WD hard drive (with about 40% of the drive full). PC came with Win 7 and I did upgrade to Win 10 via on-line (can't do a clean install as I don't have disks). I did check the BIOS on my PC and its up to date. I did the same Win7 --> Win 10 upgrade on my HP Envy laptop a few months ago and it has been trouble free.

I reluctantly upgraded my desktop to Win 10 but I am a realist. Corporate world has embraced Win 10 (not as much as MS would like but far enough where I can't ignore it any longer). So gotta deal with Win 10 and can't look back.

My gut tells me its a software problem - not a hard drive or RAM issue. I'll try the advice given thus far and report back.

BTW, all external devices (scanner, external hard drives, printers, etc) except for Ethernet hub and modem (for internet access) have been disconnected until I get this problem resolved.

Asdvice very much appreciated! ...and keep it coming if something else comes to mind.
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