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Originally Posted by Dragunov View Post
...How much RAM do you have? I SERIOUSLY recommend at LEAST 6gb/RAM. 8GB would be better. In my opinion, anything higher than Win7 Home Premium, needs more than 4gb/RAM, to run properly, and quickly. Even at that, Win7HP fairs better with 6, or 8gb/RAM...
2nd the RAM, and swap because of it might be the issue.
On this Win7 rig I am in front of right now, I am really running 2 browsers, an AV, DNS updater and that is about it, @ 3.36GB RAM utilization.

I know when the free-upgrade kicked over, I tried it on a few machines, and they were all a shin-show. I also have it on one work wig, and it is slower in response times than everything I have ever used. I am skipping 10 on all my rigs...


Is reverting to the old version of Win still a possibility, or was that just for the free-upgrade?:
I know you had a month to revert from the free-upgrade...
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