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Did you do an in-place upgrade from Win7 to Win10, or did you do a clean install of Win 10? Was this done on a brand new PC or your old Win 7 PC?

When you 'reloaded' Win10, what did that entail exactly?

I would go to device manager and see if you have any items that need attention, or showing up as 'unknown device'. My guess is you have a problem with a major subsystem driver.

If you did an in-place upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, that can easily go sideways. Be lucky you can boot at all - many who have tried, can't.

If you are trying to run Win 10 on old Win 7 hardware, you need to go get latest BIOS, Win 10 driver pack for everything including chipset, usb, video, network, mouse, audio - the whole enchilada.

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