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Originally Posted by xrMike View Post
All I can say in my limited experience with TAC is that my zero does not change in 45 to 85 degree weather. But that's only at 100 yards. Which is a distance that I know you laugh at, Randall.
Shoot some groups at 600yds.
Record the hard dope and weather conditions on 3-5 different days that you shoot the groups.
Use a ballistic calculator to reverse engineer the velocities, taking weather conditions into account for each day.
You will learn how much dope difference the weather makes and how much velocity difference the temperatures make...

On a hot day, keep some ammo in the shade and leave some out in the sun to bake.
Get dialed in at 600-800 yds and then switch between the two batches and see how much the elevation changes in the same weather conditions when the only change is ammo temp.

It's eye opening stuff for sure!
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