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Originally Posted by RedFord150 View Post
I was a little concerned the grip was too wide for her smaller hands. Luckily, she seems a little bigger than your daughter. Based on your experience, this should not be an issue.
I'm an assistant instructor for a local women's shooting clinic, and my experience is that unless you have REALLY tiny hands, most of those "not big enough to..." and "not strong enough to..." issues come down to technique more than physical inability. Men have the size and upper body strength to overcome less-than-perfect technique, whereas women generally need to pay more attention to technique.

If your daughter is small, proper stance and grip will obviously be important for the XD, though I personally find it more comfortable to shoot than the comparably sized Glock 19. A friend I often shoot with is 5 foot 2 or so and probably 125 pounds soaking wet, and she runs the XD with no issues at all.

One other piece of advice: Bop on over to either or and order a few extra striker retainer roll pins. Though this problem hasn't happened to me yet, a small number of XD owners have experienced breakage of this pin (especially after heavy dry-fire), so having extras on hand is a useful thing. (They're relatively inexpensive, too, so having extras is cheap insurance.)

Springer Precision also sells a set of all the punches necessary to work on an XD, including a roll pin punch for the striker retainer pin, and having been described by others as a "self-rescuing princess" I like having my own tools for tasks like that.

As I said, my XD has eaten any ammo I've thrown at it, and with close to 1,000 rounds downrange now I've had zero stoppages. I'd definitely buy another, and I think your daughter will be pleased with hers.
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