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Originally Posted by tlcwrites View Post
I love my XD9 - rugged, dependable, and it eats just about any ammo I can throw at it. And my 17-year-old, who's 4 foot 10 and 100 lbs, can operate it without too much trouble, though she prefers a .22 given the choice.

The only thing I'd suggest if you buy an XD is to buy one of those UpLULA magazine loader thingies, too - the XD magazines have very strong springs, and I find that the loader which came with the gun makes my hands hurt.
^^^^ This is an excellent reply. thank you for sharing your experience. I will definitely buy her the loader once she gets the gun.
I was a little concerned the grip was too wide for her smaller hands. Luckily, she seems a little bigger than your daughter. Based on your experience, this should not be an issue.
I might be guilty of 'jumping the gun' on this purchase. The price was good AND the XD9 was in stock. Every other dealer I spoke to was out of stock and sold their last ones for a higher price. I figured I would get it while I could at a good price. I am guessing the prices will go up once the dealers get new stock.
I also have a revolver put away for her. This is my legacy too my kids. they each get a good revolver and semi-auto from me while I am still living. Obviously, they will inherit all our stuff when wife and I are gone. Luckily, we are both healthy and looking forward to a lot more years.
Thanks again.
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