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Originally Posted by Ubermcoupe View Post

Didn't the REAL ID act of '05 essentially make that an impossibility (unless you keep buying a new DL every time you switch residencies?)
I don't know; generally, not my can of worms.

I kind of grudgingly acknowledge the existence of dual residency, because I know it happens, but I think the exact method of determining that for any one person is just none of my business. Since, from what I can gather, states are not consistent with one another on how to determine residency (I think California has like four different methods, each for a different thing), there are just too many variables for me to keep track of.
[Carol Ann voice]The Legislature is baaa-ack .... [/Carol Ann voice]

There is no value at all complaining or analyzing or reading tea leaves to decide what these bills really mean or actually do; any bill with a chance to pass will be bad for gun owners.

The details only count after the Governor signs the bills.

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