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Originally Posted by dexter9659 View Post
You may purchase a non-roster handgun in NV. You may then bring it into CA, unless it is a CA AW. Assembled magazines that come with the gun that hold 11+ rounds may not enter CA (unless you are LEO). Unless you are a new resident to CA, you will not be required to register the handgun. You only must register handguns if you are a new resident, or purchase a handgun in CA. There is no law that requires all handguns to be registered.

Correct me if I am wrong here. And no I am not a lawyer.
You are correct that no law requires all handguns to be registered, however all handguns that are imported into the state must be sold or registered within 60 days of bringing them in. New resident or duel resident, it does not matter.

To the OP, what state is on your DL? Yes you can purchase firearms in NV or HI but you must meet that states residency requirements.
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