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Originally Posted by AyatollahGondola View Post
Ah...30 years in one state is pretty long, but it may not have caused permanent roots. California has many exclusive attributes that might be a bit hard to replace elsewhere. You may find yourself quite homesick soon. I don't know; I can't see from your side of things, but I really can't move, and if I did I think it would affect the remainder of my life a bit more dramatically than I could live with for too long. Plus, the way things are going, I think you may just find yourself in California as far as people and politics go, but not as geography and weather go. Once this beast totally infests California, it'll be spreading wings
Ok I see what you're saying. Yes, Sacramento is an anchor city. I have more than a few friends that have left for greener pastures only to return because it isn't bad enough day-to-day to keep you from coming back. My close family is relegated to my parents, brother, sister in law as well as my niece and nephew and they all live here. Truthfully, it is one of the only reasons to stay but not enough to keep me from leaving.

I do see your point on Cali's politics spreading, Austin seems to have more people from the Bay than from Texas. Everyone here knows that we set the trends for the country and that is the disconcerting part of the whole deal and what I think you meant about leaving for different countries.

I don't have the stomach nor the means to be the new revolutionaries that fight it out here in an attempt to save the rest of the country from what is our present fate. No matter the time, I will have so many freedoms I've never personally experienced, that I am willing to leave just to enjoy them for what may be a short time. I'd rather support the cause at the federal level than fight what is an exhausting and seemingly futile war against a state that prefers to cherry pick from the Bill of Rights.

I say, Fight the Good Fight as long as you can until you cannot.