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Originally Posted by ElDub1950 View Post
The stores that do have guns left have no need to put them on sale at discounted prices.
^^^ This.
You advertise (which costs money) and you discount (which means you get less money) when you are trying too move a product.
No need too advertise or discount a product that is flying off the shelves at full price.
A lot of people on CG are critical of Big 5 (B5). I do not understand this hostility. B5 is a chain store that sells a lot more than guns. This is capitalism, they are free too sell whatever makes them money and keeps their doors open. Many of us have bought long guns from them. I personally bought a handgun from them (Ruger Single Six) when they still sold handguns. The prices on guns are usually fair, Ammo is a little higher. I have found a few clerks/managers at B5 that were fairly knowledgeable about guns. I have also found some that knew nothing. Either way, B5 is one of our own, let's treat them decently. If you want too spend money there, great. If not, that is your right.
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