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My venture into the world of OLL is well documented in CGN. It started when I bought a Colt M4 22lr from Turners in Nov/09. The salesman told me all the AR accessories would fit this gun. So I started looking for some accessories to put on my 22. About 2-3 days later I went back to Turners and ask the guy some questions about the REAL AR's. By then we had became friends and he added me on his FaceBook page.
It was on FB that he send my a link to CGN and that there was a lower available, mind you at that time a lower to me was like illegal !!! I didn't think I could get it legally, and I thought this guy was just trying to sell something without transfer. I bombarded him with all my concerns and he kinda gave my a miniture version of obtaining an OLL.
Needless to say I bought a LAR Grizzly OLL right after I joined CG ... And the rest is history.
I do thank CG for all the info being posted for ANY new shooter to learn from. I certainly have grown richer in knowledge as a shooter and grew poorer in my wallet as a person because of all the info.

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