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After being away from the hobby for a few years (did some competitive shooting in the nearly 90's), on returning a couple years ago I was surprised to see an abundance of AR and AK clones at the local shops, forums, and ranges.

I always thought the EBR/AR 'thing' was only for the tacti-cool types and that my older SA rifles (Remington 760 and a couple Mini-14's) were fine for whatever purposes I might want/need a rifle for.

Read up here on CGN and and became intrigued with the "Erector Set for Men" factor, as I'm a tinkerer type. Fondled and fired a few at the range...and began to understand the attraction. More research showed that the AR design was a far superior and much more flexible platform for pretty much any need - I really like the interchangeability and modularity, and easy maintenance and inexpensive parts.

That said, the REAL reason I now have 3 (and building a 4th as we speak) - I really like the fact that they piss off the anti's like no other gun out there (except maybe the AK's and derivatives).

I'm all for promoting AR's for plinking, sporting, hunting, and competitive target shooting - as it helps to diminish the image of the Evil Black Rifle as suitable only for military/LEO and "terrorist" use as a terrible man-killing thing to be feared and restricted. A gun is a gun!

"Environmentalists look at the gun, the car and the jet engine as instruments of Satan, but the mosquito has killed more than all three put together." Jeremy Clarkson, on the green movement

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Thomas Jefferson
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