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My experience with OLL's began before they were part of everyday life. I went to a Costa Mesa show when admission was $5 and parking was free. A banner caught my eye that said, "you can legally own an AR15 in California". I was mesmerized, like when they opened the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Turns out there was a dealer who was sealing the magwells so they could be sold as toploaders only. The Prince50 and Bullet buttons were yet to be born.I Left the show with a determination to research this further. So, I come across the Bushmaster Carbon-15, which I had to have as my only option to owning a rifle similar to what I had in the Marines. After my 10 day wait, a conversation began with a West Covina Turners associate, who turned me on to Calguns. I felt I had discovered the world was no longer flat? Needless to say, I sold the Bushy with no forward assist, and the rest is History! 5 OLL AR's and 2 AK's later, all I can say is Thank You,!
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