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Originally Posted by mikenewgun87 View Post
Good call, on the Battlecomp 1.5 Would that matter if I eventually moved somewhere else and wanted to get a suppressor for the 1.5? I know the 2.0 has a suppressor adaptor but could the 1.5 be fitted to accept it?

Also I have read that the 1.0 is the same length as a standard USGI birdcage flash hider, so why wouldn't a 1.0 or 2.0 make it the legal length?
I think A2 Flash hider is 1.75" OAL ( with ~.50" is the thread which you cant count) so 14.5" + 1.25" = 15.75" which doesnt get you to 16.1" which is required. It's something like that

They make extended standard A2 flashiders which are longer which get you to 16.1"
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