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Originally Posted by Cardinal Sin View Post
Just be truthful and as polite as you would to any person you meet. Dont act like that jackass college prof in Arizona that goes out of his way to screw with Border Agents. You'd be surprised what some of the simplest questions or observations produce open Patrol, Line Watch, Check Point. Some may seem trivial or retarded but they are for good reason when you under stand how Checkpoint duties work. Working checkpoint is dependent on what station you are assigned at what types of patrol/duty that a station covers. Seasoned Agents and trainees do it. The public doesn't see the 500lb of dope stuffed in the side panels, seats, wheel hubs, dashes, false beds, tanks, engine, etc or the money, ammo, guns and people. border wars will not and cannot show what Patrol Agents really do for a variety of reasons. As far as profiles go, it's more like "indicators". A mix of things not adding up, intuition and "if it looks, walks and quacks like a duck". . . maybe we should check it out". I am over simplifying this of course and purposely vague for good reason. Bad guys come in all ages, genders, nationalities, etc. The ones that really irk though me are the American citizen bad guys. It's damn near treason what they do to help criminals.
How about this:

You respect my constitutional rights by not forcing me to stop and answer questions when I have done nothing wrong.

Maybe you think being stopped and questioned for no good reason is a good thing, I don't. Nor does it provide any higher level of security or safety.
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