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[QUOTE=NATEWA;11930044]Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Mech tech upper, fixed stock and kydex grip wrap is both CA and FED legal. If you own and posses mags over 10 rounds, it would be legal to use in this configuration.[quote]

A semiautomatic centerfire rifle that has no pistol grip or other 'characteristic features' (folder/telestock, flash hider, forward pistol grip, etc.) can use detachable magazines of any size without triggering AW status.

[This assumes the hicaps are in fact pre-2000 and legal to possess, or you are a LEO that acquired a legit post 2000 mag.]

For other configurations, emember to keep overall length to 30" or more with stock folded *closed*. (Here CA vs ATF standards differ due to Rooney case.)

Converting this set up back to a pistol would be breaking CA law.

Now, a question:

Would owning a mechtec upper with a fixed stock and owning a handgun that would fit that set up be illegal? Some type of constructive possession to make SBR under CA law?
If there were not detectable intent to violate the law, both the separate working handgun and the ability to convert this gun to a CA+Fed legal carbine is OK. There's really no way to 'overpredict' that the prospective carbine would then be converted back to a pistol.

If I did have a MechTech carbine wanting to be assembled using a pistol frame, I would get rid of the pistol slide/bbl however first,
since there's not a lawful use for it [unless you had another spare frame etc.] at least in CA - though a lenity defense for out of
state use could be made.

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