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Originally Posted by PLINK View Post
I am not sure what Xeno used but some people use Crayons or grease pens.
China markers available in arts supply and office supply stores.

I should add that finish milling does not make a reliable AR. The only valid comparison is to take samples from the manufacturer and mic them. Or in other words, you want something as close to dimensionally perfect as possible before you start to worry about the cosmetics.

In mic'ing lowers for about 15 years now, I have found that LMT, and Colt are about the best, and LAR is about the worst on this list. I have not mic'd any MMS but these should be up there if milled from billet.

The question that I get all the time is how can one tell without bringing in a caliper to the gunstore and check a bunch of lowers? Well, the two best areas to look at are the magazine boss and the sides of the trigger well.

For the trigger well, just eye the side thickness. Sort out the ones with one side much thicker than the other. Move onto the magazine boss and look at how centered the mag catch slot is. I've seen some that barely pass through the boss.

Also, check the front pivot pin holes and how well it is centered in the front lugs.
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