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When we put items online for sale in these crazy times they ALWAYS oversell, then we have customers complaining because "it showed in stock when I bought it!". We put 24 JD lowers online last week and in 13 minutes we had sold 32 of them, so then we had to deal with a several disappointed customers. It is impossible for the system to update the inventory fast enough to prevent these situations - it checks the stock level when you put the item in your cart, but doesn't subtract that qty from the available amount until you complete the checkout. So when someone posts online that something is in stock, everybody jumps on and we oversell, every time.

Having said that we DID make 50 RifleGear lowers available online and another 50 available for sale in the store on the same day a couple weeks ago, and they were gone in no time. If you drive a long distance on the chance we have something in stock, I fail to see how that is OUR fault if the item isn't here. You can always try to buy a lower on Gunbroker, but you know what those are going for. We could double or triple the price on the next batch of lowers and then that would slow things down and allow a chance for more people to buy online, at least for awhile, but we don't want to do that.

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