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Originally Posted by harbinger007 View Post
Renewal speed is pretty good. I had my appointment on Tuesday and today, Friday, my new license arrived by registered mail. No errors. The license is slightly older than my old one. I think they trimmed the old one a little bit before laminating it but now kept the extra room so they could include the requirement about informing LEO about concealing if contact is made. I can still get it to fit in my Coach wallet after trimming away some of the excess lamination.

During the renewal appointment I asked the deputy if they had considered a credit card type license and he said that they are not allowed to do so. I said I had heard that Riverside had used them and he said that the individual must still carry the paper one and that only San Diego was permitted to issue plastic licenses under a pilot program under the prior Attorney General. I mentioned this to a well-informed member of this forum and he looked up and found nothing in the PC that states what type of media is used for the license. I don't know if the DOJ bullies around counties somewhat with informal rules or what the case may be but it seems that the county would like something easier than the current form/process.
Sac county is misinformed. I recently got mine from Riverside County and it is of credit card type and size, though no mag stripe. No paper type issued. Period!
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