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Head's up:

When you receive your LTC, review it closely for errors. I just noticed recently that my LTC issued 22 months earlier had the serial number and model number on one weapon switched and the serial number had one character in error ("I" was typed as "1"). Today while in for my renewal another individual was in to get a correction as his name was misspelled. When we left the building at the same time he said this was the second time he came back for a correction (he was polite and didn't tell the deputy that but the deputy was apologetic anyways). Maybe since we were both in with errors at the same time they will take time to proof things more closely but it's not surprising with the large volume increase they've seen.

FYI - the deputy told me they now had 3,500 licenses issued and had another 1,000 applicants with appointments, etc. I got the impression that the department is taking pride in the progress.
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