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I remember the use of air horns last year to signal a cease fire. That seemed to work with no problems. I recommend at SSZS V the RSO's at either end of the line indicate a cease fire with one single, loud, extended blast on the air horn. Along with the horns and other participants shouting 'cease fire' we should solve the issue we had this year.

Originally Posted by SeanCasey View Post
Earlier in the day it wasn't so bad, but later in the day we lost most of the left side RSO's and the wind was drowning out the megaphone. I have a few ideas on how to correct it for next year (multiple shifts or RSO's, every RSO with a megaphone, etc). I feel overall the line breaks went better this year than last, but still room to improve!

I welcome all feedback, positive and negative. If there is something that anyone wants to say, but not on the forum, feel free to PM me!
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