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Originally Posted by iwindsurf78 View Post
I talked to a guy today who in his words "escaped from a communist country". He said that the current "gun control", bans, etc are all too familiar to the communist country he grew up in. Where he grew up, people were allowed one muzzle loaded weapon. When the government has unlimited firepower, what chance do you have with one shot?

It's the fact that more and more bans or restrictions are being input in place. So this year they take "x,y, and z" from us. Next year, what will it be? Keep moving it forward and soon we could end up with a single shot .22 pistol. Just make me wonder when somebody has lived it sees it happening here on our soil!!
I hear you on that. It's scary. Some say we're too paranoid and it will never happen... but the 2nd was put in place for exactly this type of situation and government. I'm getting ready to rent my house, an start applying for jobs in Wyoming. http://www.conservativesoftheupstate...trol-bill.html
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