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Originally Posted by Les K View Post
One thing with the Volquartsen bolt assist:

That's why I had to modify it by drilling straight though the bolt assist and countersinking, then I drilled and tapped an 8-32 hole directly into the back of the bolt. With this I can crank down pretty tightly and I haven't even had to use any loctite at all. Last trip was 100 shots with virtually no loosening of any components at all.
Les K,

Once I get the gun out of DROS and get more of the parts I need, I will take you up on your offer. How you drilled and tapped the bolt assist knob to the bolt is brilliant. I like the bolt assist knob, and I want to install one on my gun, but I'm worried about it flying off the gun. did you drill and tap it yourself or did you have a gunsmith do it?

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