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Originally Posted by PATROL1 View Post
If you are on a budget like me (security guard also) get the p95 just stay away from .45s most company wont let you carry them...........
Ya a 45 is too much, stick with the 10mm, that will get some attention, LOL

As we previously said, Go to the shop and see what they have. Based on what you've learned from this post you ought to have a pretty good idea. The SD is a good gun, so is the p95 and the SR40. The Glock 17 is a good gun too esspecailly fior a start up pistol. The rounds for it, at least when the prices go back down are the cheapest you are going to find. At Wally Wrold they are under $10 for Tula and $11 for Federal. Buying rounds for anything now is going to be twice what they were 2 months ago. 9mm, .40 and 45 are very haed to come by atr the moment. a .380 is something that you can buy rounds for because people generally stay away from the because they are expensive to shoot and they really don't have the stopping power of the other cals. even the 22,25,32s are difficult to find at this moment in time. I would justy go see what they have or on the Clssifieds on this forum or on other forums. You may have better luck with a variety with used guns, you just won't have the warranty unless you buy a Hi-Point.
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