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Originally Posted by SO.CALISHOOTER View Post
The reason why I respect guys like you and my friends is for the sacrifices you guys make, going along time without seeing family but 1 or 2 a year.
I was never deployed. I went in just after Desert Storm and was stationed at Ft. Kmox the same place I did my basic. It kind of sucked. At the time there was only 3 major Armor bases. One in Germany, Maine and KY. I got KY. You don't really miss family a whole lot. You miss the hot little POA you left at home. When you get to see her for the first time after basic, you damn near kill her. You aree in such good shape, You just Nail her till she can't take anymore and then do it 50 more times. Pardon my explanation to any women that read this.

You are able to see you family when you go on leave. Being a big boy though its not that big of a deal. you have othetr concerns that keep you plenty occupied. If you go the police academy its almost the same, they will put you into the best shape of your life.

I have just started looking at a couple of 1911s. I am really interested in the Kimber Custom II with the internal extractor, a Sig Sauer and possibly a Smith and Wesson. It skind of a tie between the Sig and the Kimber. They are both very high quality 1911s, more so than the Springfield or the S&W. I'll hope they have something available when I am ready to buy in a month.

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