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Originally Posted by tenemae View Post
Anyone planning to vote Newscum needs to be excused from this site with extreme prejudice
Originally Posted by zhyla View Post
What if the right people told you he was actually 2A-friendly?
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH I see what you did there.

In all honesty we have a lot to lose should Newsom win. If Republicans cannot get behind a candidate that has the best chance to get on the ballot we are going to have Newsom as governor.

I shouldn't have to spell it out for anyone as to what the legislature and he have in store for gun owners next year. think Brown was bad and he was because the "right people" said for him. Well that backfired big time. Newsom will outdo Brown by 10 fold.

What is left of gun rights and they are pretty much dead here will be gone under Newsom.

prove me wrong Newsom won't F***** us.

Thank your neighbor and fellow gun owners for passing Prop 63. For that gun control is a winning legislative agenda.
contact the governor
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